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  • Type: Permanent
  • Salary: £170,000 - £200,000
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Role: Cardiologist Operations Lead 

Location: Peterborough or Remote

Salary: £170,000 - £200,000 + 25% Bonus 

Having spent years refining your expertise to understand the heart and contribute to saving and bettering the lives of patients, you feel it’s time to try a change of pace and save lives in a new way. 

But you don’t want your years of experience in cardiology to go to waste. You’re an expert after all!

So how does contributing to the reduction of the number one cause of clinical trial failure and drug recall, and improving the lives of tens of thousands of patient’s sound?

Interesting? Then let me take a moment to tell you about this job! 

Working with the global lead in cardiac safety pertaining to drug development and clinical trials you will be able to immerse yourself in cutting edge technology and cardiac safety strategies and make a genuine positive impact on the development of drug therapies across a full spectrum of disease areas. 

At the core of the role you will work with and manage a team of cardiologists reading ECGs to identify adverse events in clinical trials, identifying patients who need to be removed from said trials and investigating the key causes of these events.

But the job is so much more than this! Your responsibilities will range from:

-Keeping your team up to date on new developments/projects and their requirements.

-Providing medical leadership to you team of dedicated cardiologists.

-Consulting clients on cardiac safety and more. 

As I’m sure you have gathered at this point the only thing you need to qualify for this role is to be a certified specialist in cardiology and have a special interest in electrophysiology and ECG reading, as this will be the core activity in the role!

How to Apply

 You can apply with a CV, LinkedIn profile or contact details to arrange a chat.

Or contact: 

Ellice Murray 

 Blue Pelican Pharma 

01892 507134