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Product Marketing Manager
Location – UK Home based principally
Salary: Base up to £80,000 plus benefits

What makes you a good product marketer?

It’s your obsession with all things customer which underpins every decision you make. As you don’t just ‘think’ your customers are going to like a new feature. You know they will, and more so, you also know why and how to best promote that benefit.

You keep your finger on their pulse and understand what’s really important to them. You have a clear set of customer personas carved out, and know exactly what it’s going to take to turn them from prospect to customer with just the right approach to marketing.

You know your competitors, and likely follow one or two high profile ones just to keep tabs on what they’re doing so you can react accordingly, should they drop an unexpected bombshell or miss a beat.

You champion the voice of the customer within the business. Helping others in the marketing team and beyond to keep in mind who they’re developing for or looking to connect with. Sharing ideas on how to achieve their objectives through your keen understanding on what will and won’t resonate and achieve cut through.

You get how to use data and insight to inform your decisions. Including how to instruct research projects to get the right actionable intelligence.

You love testing out ideas and strategies, but are methodical and scientific about it. Looking for measurable impact and improvement of results. Never settling for the mundane or just turning the wheel.

You also want a job that’s got a bit of excitement about it. In a field that’s got a bit of a buzz going on and is recognised for being a bit edgy. A bit like the world of Crypto…

This is a business that's scaling quickly due to growing demand. Fuelled by global adoption of cryptoassets and the complexities this brings with international trading. Their platform keeps track of liabilities being accrued so the customer is able to remain complaint and on top of their affairs.

It’s a complicated space, especially if you're an institution who have adopted crypto trading. So their solution removes time consuming and confusing problems, both for both your average Joe investor and corporate traders alike.

They’ve got over 300,000 customers on book already taking advantage of their solution and this number is going up quickly. Their ambition is to become the Quickbooks or Sage of Crypto-asset tax and trade tracking solutions.

They’re not your run-of-the-mill corporate, and they’re more edge than your typical SaaS or Fintech operation too. They exist for a market that’s evolving so fast, Governments around the world struggle to keep up.

They’re helping to tame the wild west whilst making people’s lives easier by automating complicated cross-boarder tax issues. Doing things which historically took hours, in seconds.

Key experience

  • Product marketing experience with a solid familiarity to consumer research techniques
  • Industry related experience in either SaaS or Fintech industries, or software companies serving the crypto or blockchain industries
  • Solid blend of marketing and insight experience with a really strong focus on the customer and understanding them to build effective product marketing strategies
  • Confident with being the voice of the customer within a business. Standing up for what’s right and guiding others through that understanding of the audience
  • Confident with test, learn and measurement strategies and their implementation

Want to Apply? Here’s how:

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Colin Doree
Head of Recruitment, Digital, Marketing & Data
Blue Pelican
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How to apply

If this position is of interest please send us your CV here, or you can call Colin Doree direct on to discuss this and other vacancies that may suit.

Colin Doree