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Job Title: Senior CRM Manager, Customer Experience / Voice of the Customer
Location: Central London
Working set up: Hybrid, 2 days in office a week
Salary: £65,000 to £75,000 (experience dependent)


First thing to highlight is, this is not a customer service role. It sits in the global marketing function of a luxury retail brand. So, the kind of background they’re looking for is someone who understands what customer experience means when applied through the lens of customer marketing and CX strategy.


About the role & business

As the Senior Manager for Customer Experience. You’ll be taking the reigns of the company’s Voice of the Customer programme. Looking to create a holistic transformational programme which utilises full customer journey research along with closed loop feedback to ensure key insights around every part of the customer experience is measured, addressed and opportunities to innovate or create new propositions based on identified gaps in experiences are provided.

Your role sits at the global level for this luxury retailer. Which means principally you’ll be spearheading the programme and working with region based teams who will be doing the implementation of recommendations and changes based on the ideas, strategies and recommendations you’re presenting.

The global team is responsible for bigger picture agenda items, and things which look to shape how the company evolves itself whilst ensuring consistency of experience and brand, no matter the channel a customer engages over or in what region/country that experience is being delivered in too.

The programme itself has been with the business for some time. Only it was principally a research-based platform with a lot of survey information. Following some recent pilot projects which focused on the applied use of this data to drive meaningful changes, the company has seen some really impressive initial results. As such they’ve created this role for someone to take control of this programme and build on its scope and influence within the business.

Analysing this information, drawing meaningful recommendations and translating them into propositions for change across various channels. Both in terms of enhancement to customer experience through NPS and CSat scores. But also in terms of yielding bottom line results too.

However, despite the role leaning on research data, the role itself doesn’t call for someone who’s just a research specialist.

The key here is someone who understands how to make use of that data. Drawing meaningful conclusions from it and shaping them into customer experience strategies and propositions.

You’ll be working with an agency who carries out the research itself. They’ll be taking lead from you on what’s necessary to support the business with actionable insight. One of the primary platforms they’ll be working with is Medallia, so it’s important you know your way around this tool as well.

Your role will be to engage with regional teams at a country level. Often informing them what’s going on with the customer over different channels and being a true customer champion. Informed with the latest trends and information about customer behaviour, sentiment and feedback on their experiences across channels. Identifying where opportunities to enhance this might exist and how to shape them into brand relevant, yet innovative opportunities for the organisation to delight customers.

There’s a decent emphasis on storytelling and selling the narrative to these various teams. Establishing their buy-in to recommendations and overseeing a lot of the early lifecycle of this programme’s implementation. Ensuring things land appropriately and deliver the expected outcomes.

There’s a lot of big topics on the horizon to tackle, which will result in meaningful change across the business. But it’s a large, complex organisation. So will require good people skills and perseverance to cut through at times.

Experience needed:

  • Good understanding of complex multi-channel consumer businesses, having worked on customer experience or voice of the customer type programmes before. But from a ‘how do we use information to drive meaningful change’ type of environment.
  • Ideally if you have some knowledge of experience working in luxury goods or retail environments doing something similar to this. So able to talk about how your work has impacted on NPS/CSat results. Some of the initiatives you’ve championed and changes it’s made to a business
  • Have an affinity with the challenges, channels and competitive landscape a major luxury goods retailer might face
  • Know your way around a business case. Certainly when it comes to early stage programmes and being able to drive out the important parts of a programme like this
  • Background in consumer research, working on NPS or CSat studies at some point in your career
  • Know your way around a slide deck, slick when it comes to presenting ideas, visions and strategies


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