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Role:                     Senior Social Insights Analyst

Location:             London office – can work fully remote though (have to be UK based)

Salary:                  Up to circa £55,000 plus benefits


If there’s one good word which summarises this role, it’s variety


  • Of remit
  • Of projects
  • Of different industries


With this, you’re going to be principally practicing the art of Netnography, and social listening. Gathering audience and category insights on behalf of a wide range of clients, including big names in retail, telecoms, financial services, public sector and lots more.


It’s mainly ad-hoc work, doing deep dives to identify insights which help businesses with their marketing efforts. You won’t be getting involved in anything repetitive, or which requires regular reporting. This isn’t that kind of position.


It’s all mainly quant studies, with you handling a real mix of things from simple 5 question response pieces to really detailed and complex quant analysis studies.


In addition, you’ll be supporting on new business pitch work, which could see you pulling together new audience data to identify insights which could really help land a new client. Or pull together some sentiment data on what customers of a specific category are thinking, and looking at how that data could be used to help shape a pitch strategy.


This is a really collaborative environment, and you’ll be joining an existing team of eight, one of which will be someone you’ll be getting some direct support from and in return, providing some mentoring and direction to.


You’ll be responsible for owning projects end to end, and they will vary in length from simple studies which take a couple of days to turn around. Through to details and large-scale projects which last a couple of months.


Alongside will be a team of data scientists who you’ll be forging close relationships with. Briefing them for support on some of the larger projects, and more complex and sophisticated modelling projects which need delivering to, such as modelling on trends, looking at unstructured social data and making sense of it. Or digging deeper into segment trends in data to identify more detailed actionable insights.


The main tools and data resources you’ll be handling from a day to day perspective include:

  • Social listening tools like Pulsar, Brandwatch, Infegy
  • Kantar TGI, YouGov, GWI


Office set up


Whilst they have a Central London site that’s open, and has just been refurbished too. People are only encouraged to go to site should it be beneficial to do so. This could be for pitch work, workshops, training or collaborations. There is no mandated number of days from office needed.


That said, if you’re interested in this opportunity. You will need to be domicile in the UK with the appropriate rights to live and work in country.


Role Requirements


  • Social listening experience with knowledge of one of the above named tools in the spec
  • You’ve experience which includes working with strategists in creating research briefs, presenting to clients and gaining their sign off
  • You don’t just rely on word clouds for data produced by a tool. You’re able to go beyond that and model on data, look at sentiment tagging, and dig into segment trends to identify more meaningful insights
  • You love variety of challenge and have an inquisitive mind. You get bored doing mundane reporting and really enjoy the deep-dive work, as well as working across a range of different businesses, dealing with different challenges
  • You’re familiar with and have previously worked with one of the following: TGI, YouGov or GWI data


Want to Apply? Here’s how:


If you’re interested in exploring this further, you can share your Linkedin profile or email me a CV – it doesn’t have to be up to date, we can work on that once you decide you want to take this forward.

Or, for a chat and more information please contact me on:


Enrico Atkinson

Consultant - Data

Blue Pelican

01892 507123


Every application will receive a response.